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HRD FORUM organises fun-filled session on “Masti ki Life”


Two eminent business personalities of the orange city, who are absolute ‘family men’ at heart, running their businesses successfully, are fit & fine and leading a majaa ni life. Mr Mohabat Singh Tuli, Chairman, Tuli Educational Institutions and Mr Kishore Thutheja, Director, Lords Wear Pvt Ltd, Nagpur.


Mr Mohabat Singh Tuli shared many such serious issues relating to relationships, health, work & social standings in their own humorous style at a program organized by HRD Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association at VIA. Mr Tuli said all human beings look for ‘Ultimate Happiness’ with a meaningful life. At times, it is very difficult to lead a smooth successful life and we are faced with different kinds of life-style disorders and challenges at different stages in our lives.


Mr Thutheja said Masti Ki Life means joyful life and dreaming is must for every human being to lead a happy life. He advised the audience that it is better to change himself rather ask anyone / others to change their behavior, attitude, living styles. He said whatever happening in our life, it is for best, one should not feel regret about it.


He said lead a simple life and no ego, be humble, treat everyone with equality, stop fooling others. He said my simple rule is no expectations and no disappointment. He advised do not seek sympathies from others, it creates or increases your problems. He said do not be a showman, always chant I am the happiest person … Maja ma Chu. No regret will get better. Be updated in your life. Try to laugh at your problems, which help to relax and calm at critical times. Work hard and stay simple, improve your  body clock, do routine exercise without fail, happiness also depend on your body weight, smile is free, select your food which will make you happy later. Adopt laughter to make better life. He advised laughter is best medicine for all.


Earlier, Mr Aditya Saraf, Chairman, VIA HRD Forum gave his welcome address. Mr Jai Prkash Gupta, City Congress President introduced the speakers. Mr Suresh Rathi, Vice President – VIA welcomed Mr Tuli and Mr Thutheja with floral bouquets. Mr Aditya Saraf, Chairman, VIA HRD Forum also proposed a vote of thanks.





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