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HRD Forum holds Session on FIX POSTURE, FIX PAIN

Regular exercises with stretching as an important ingredient for a perfect recipe to “fix posture and fix pain” …  Dr Anushree Duseja

Dr Anushree Duseja, Masters in Physiotherapy and Posture therapist advised regular exercises with stretching as an important ingredient for a perfect recipe to “fix posture and fix pain” at a program organised by HRD Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association recently.

Dr Duseja said posture corrective therapies like cupping therapy, kinesiotaping and orthotic assistance are also performed by specialized physiotherapist to prevent pain. Always remember longer our spine, longer our life! All the corrections of Posters and consequent removal of pain is extremely important for the increasing the productivity of the entrepreneurs as well as the corporate executives.

She also highlighted about posture is the baseline for all activities and a correct indicator of individual health and fitness. We can define posture as a position in which someone holds the body during sitting, standing or during activities. As a newborn we have a c-shaped spine, but as stand upright against gravity postural curves develop to maintain the body in equilibrium. Posture can be classified as static and dynamic postures. Static posture is referred to physical exertion in which the same position is held throughout the exertion like sitting, standing, lying etc. Dynamic posture is the alignment of your body while you are moving like running, walking, throwing etc.

She said an ideal posture is when the ears are in line with the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. Any deviations from the normal alignment results in overwork of the tissues leading to fatigue. Wear and tear of the muscles and joints begin to happen when bad postures become a habit. Spine becomes abnormally stiff and fixed. Bad posture also causes altered lung function, indigestion, migraine, stress and psychological depression. Work efficiency is affected when activities are performed incorrectly. Thus any deviation in static or dynamic posture causes disturbances in body’s state of equilibrium.

Manual handling is the major reason causing these deviations. Though often neglected, alterations in posture form a root cause for most of the pain complains. Posture is of concern in our slumping society, especially among the people with complains of neck pain and back pain. Activities like Driving without supporting the back and the neck to the seat is a crime to the spine. People develop conditions like text neck occurring because of excessive usage of mobile phones in wrong positions. If the neck is bending more than 15 degree while using mobile phones or computers, it has to bear four times the normal weight hence leading to pain. Sitting, standing or doing activity for more than an hour overworks muscles. Sitting or standing with uneven weight bearing is also a common reason to affect posture.

She said we need to correct posture in our routine activities to stay away from pain. Understanding of the correct postures during the activities done for most of the time in the day is needed. Changing our bad postures and being aware of our body during activities is required. Early diagnosis and detailed assessment with an expert is important to prevent body from injuries.

Earlier, Anita Rao, Jt Secretary of VIA welcomed the guest speaker with floral bouquet. Omprakash Bagdia, Vice President – VIA in his welcome address said in today’s hectic and stressful life, everybody is busy with heavy work load in office or at home, good posters seating at work place good posters seating at work place routine exercise, and yoga is must to keep stress free and live healthy life. Neelam Bowade, Convener – HRD Forum conducted the proceedings and also proposed a vote of thanks. CA Naresh Jakhotia, Jt Secretary – VIA gave a mementos to Dr Duseja. Prominently present were industrialists, professionals and students.

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