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Discussion on new Tariff policy as declared by MERC & Presentation of New Mobile APP of MSEDCL

MSEDCL had filed a petition to increase the electricity tariff by 5 per cent over and above the base tariff in each category of electricity consumers to the MERC. For the first time MERC had increased tariff of industries and some categories of electricity consumers much more than demanded by Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL).

This was announced by Mr R B Goenka, Director (Independent Charge) of MSEDCL while talking at the Joint Action Committee meeting organised by VIA, BMA and MIA on Wednesday. In some categories Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) in its order considered the existing tariff including fuel adjustment charge (FAC) of June 2016 which was more than 0.70 paise per unit. The present FAC was much less since last 2-3 months and in the range of 0.12 paisa to 0.15 paise for industries. “There is a tariff shock to some categories of consumers whose tariff has increased more than 10 per cent above base tariff,” he said. He said that, MERC had hiked electricity tariff by 18 per cent for 11 KV non-continuous consumers and 15 per cent for 22 KV consumers. Also, there was a 10 per cent rise for LT consumers who consume more than 1,000 units. The open access has become unviable because of high increase in CSS more than 0.50 paise per unit and implementation of additional surcharge of Rs 1.11 per unit. Exaggerated figures of agriculture sales has been disallowed and because of this the distribution losses has increased and MERC set up new targets of distribution losses. MERC had issued tariff order in case no. 48 of 2016 applicable from November 1, he added.

Mr P T Reshme, Regional Director of MSEDCL requested electricity consumers to download the new mobile application launched by the company and take benefit of the services offered. The mobile application was offering various services to help electricity consumers. Mr Reshme said that the Regional Office would be taking measures to improve overall working of the company and co-ordinate with the consumers. MSEDCL would monitor the working and also invited suggestions from consumers. Mr Atul Pande, President of VIA said that the MSEDCL was working at a fast pace. He urged all industrialists to download the mobile application and make best use of the new services. He said that the industrialists had high hopes from the Regional Office of MSEDCL for solving issues. Present were Mr Prashant Mohota, Vice-President of VIA, Mr Manish Sanghvi, Vice-President of Butibori Manufacturers Association (BMA) and Capt C M Randhir, President of MIDC Industries Association (MIA).

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