On 12 May, 2021

Dear VIA Members,


Annexure -A (At CCR) : Allocation of Beds in DCH/DCHC to Covid Patients

Annexure-B1 : Equitable Distribution of Essential Drugs like Remdesivir & Tocilizumab etc. to DCH/DCHC

Annexure-B2 (At CCR) : Collecting Requisition of DCH/DCHC and Monitoring of Supply of Allotted Quota of Remdesivir & Tocilizumab etc

Annexure-B3 : Verification of Supply of Allotted Quota of Remdesivir & Tocilizumab etc. to Respective DCH/DCHC

Annexure-C1 : Collection of Grievances of DCH/DCHC Regarding Supplying of Medical Oxygen

Annexure-C2 : Reddressal of Grievances of DCH/DCHC received at CCR Regarding Supplying of Medical Oxygen

Annexure-C3 : Monitoring Distribution and Supply of Oxygen Cylinder DCH/DCHC From Refilling Station As Per
Allotted Quota

Annexure-C4 : Procurement of Liquid Oxygen Its Planning and Allocation/Reallocation To Refillers

Please find attached herewith “Covid19 Management”, this is for your information. Kindly download

COVID19 Management

With regards!

Gaurav Sarda
Hon. Secretary


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