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CONCOR circular – Extension of Volume Discount Scheme on Export Loaded Containers

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Ref : G/1/2022-23
October 19, 2022

Dear Exporters / VIA Members

Sub : Extension of Volume Discount Scheme on Export Loaded Containers &
an additional VDS on Rice Export Loaded containers at MMLP/MIHAN (PCPK)

We wish to inform here that we have received circular from the CONCOR about the extension of Volume Discount Scheme on export loaded containers at MMLP / MIHAN vide their Public Notice No.CO, VDS Circular No.11 (2022-23) dtd 13.05.2022, copy enclosed for your information.

The Volume Discount Scheme (VDS) has been extended from 1.4.2022 to 31.3.2023.

The highlights of the schemes :

  • Only individual party’s volume at MMLP/Mihan will be considered for VDS eligibility. Group company’s total achievement will also be considered as a single entity subject to submission of all relevant documents by the company.
  • The incentive will be given to Exporters, Freight Forwarder or CHA, whosoever makes the Rail freight payment. In case shipping line is the pay party, then the incentive will be given to the Exporters and if CHA wants to avail the VDS, then they have to give NOC of the exporter. The IWB will be the basis of calculation of volume.
  • This scheme on export loaded containers will be applicable for all commodities i.e. it will cover rice as well as non-rice commodities.
  • Container getting benefit under this VD Scheme will not be counted for any another VD Scheme.
  • VDS will be on absolute basis and incentive will be payable on monthly basis.
  • In addition to above, incentive of Rs.1000/- per 20ft container under weight slab above 20MT carrying Rice commodity will be given to CHA and Exporter each, irrespective of the pay party.

Exporters are requested to take benefit of this scheme with increased volume.


Kaushal Mohta                                       Gaurav Sarda
Chairman – VIA EXIM Forum                  Vice President – VIA

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