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Celebrated Makar Sankranti & Talk on “A Modern Disease – Awareness & Prevention”.

She discussed at length the advantages & the disadvantages of the new inventionCELEBRATED MAKAR SANKRANTI & TALK ON “A MODERN DISEASE – AWARENESS & PREVENTION”.s. Mobile is such an invention. It has created wonders in our daily life but its addiction is a matter of worry. This addiction has given rise to a modern disease called “NOMOPHOBIA”. Nomophobia is the fear to be without a mobile. Earlier the programme was inaugurated by lighting up a traditional lamp by dignitaries. Chairperson, Smt Vandana Sharma, said today members gathered to celebrate the ‘Makar Sankranti’ & ‘Haldi Kumkum’ and most important is that LEW is popularly known, where wing is always trying to promote its members and provide platform to the budding entrepreneurs for setting up their enterprise and market their product. On this occasion, Wing had organized a decorative and economic “VAAN – Small Gift” making competition. The programme was followed by variety of entertainment games like puzzles, drama, etc.

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