Panel discussion on ‘How to create conducive Business Environment for Women Entrepreneurs in Nagpur’

On 20 February, 2017 from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm at VIA

Forum: Entrepreneurship Forum

Speaker: Expert Panelists

The Entrepreneurship Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association organized a panel discussion on ‘Creating conducive business environment for women environment’ recently at VIA.

The discussion was initiated inline with the theme for of ‘Development of women entrepreneurship and the start up ecosystem’. To propel entrepreneurship, it is imperative that the family, community, society and the government must contribute to build up the environment conducive for women entrepreneurship.

All eminent panelists shared their success stories and they are on consensus that support of family, colleagues is important for success of any business, which indeed go a long way in building a conducive business environment for women.

Shachi Mallick, Chairperson – VIA Lady Entrepreneurs’ Wing and Proprietor of Indo Herbals shared her experiences about Ayurvedic health care and skin care products manufacturing unit. She joined VIA Lady Entrepreneurs Wing as a housewife and attended various program organised under it and got idea to start Ayurvedic products. She strongly believes in ‘Be Indian Buy Indian’. She said every member in her family supported from the beginning. She advised the participants to always support their children and motivate to become an entrepreneur from school and college days.  She informed about the activities of LEW, every year Udyojika Expo organised for local ladies entrepreneurs, She also advised, keep your customers aware about your products, quality, brand which helps to retain your customer till last. She started her journey as businesswomen in 2008. Initially she started providing pure and economical Aloe vera juice and other nutrional juices. She strongly believes in word to word publicity as best mode so she does not keep her product in local market, rather she works for upliftment of women and helps them to do business and earn money. She said her conquest for learning new things in her field and serve the masses led her to learn more and give more. She aims to provide world class herbal Ayurvedic products to the entire world as she firmly believes we Indians can accomplish anything and its our Indian tradition “Ayurveda” which has remedies for every problem instead of using chemicals and deteriorating our health further.

Sanya Mulani, owner of Araaha, came from the supportive family background, she got married at early age. She appreciated the efforts of her mother-in-law, which was one of the inspiration source for her, if she was not insisted her to start Araaha venture, it could not be possible because of her. One could always acknowledge work and appreciate the talents of your employees, colleagues. She said whenever anybody advised, take it as it may help you in future. She is in firm belief that strong women always help society to develop. If people were jealous to you work, efforts, comments on your failures, never bothered and concentrate more on your work, accepts peoples comments and work on it, which helps to rectify your mistakes and one day you would get better results.

Nancy Bhatia Jaiswal of Antara Spa said before starting this, she had no prior knowledge of any business. She noticed that most of the educated women are working not for money, fame or publicity, normally they worked for self-identify. She advised follow successful women as her role model for inspiration, motivation. Further, she added, VIA should encourage, guide, provide platform for aspiring ladies entrepreneurs for setting up of her enterprise. Women should avail benefit of various Central and State Governments schemes of MSME, DIC, KVIC, SIDBI, Bank.

Rishita Agrawal, Director of X Factor (Dance, Art Studio), organised various summer camps for children. She said the role of parents is very important because without the support of family and particularly husband after marriage, inspires and motivates to do sometime in life. She said today most of the women are suffering from phobia, one cannot change it in overnight and if you can overcome your phobia, you conquer yourself and helps you to stand in life. Your self esteem is very important. She advised only yourself and nobody can helps you to get rid of your tension, worries, stressed. She is successful only because of her parents. You restrict yourself by watching regressive TV serials and utilise that time into some new creativity. Keep your mind open and know what is going on around you, which helps you to update your knowledge.

Meenakshi Sial, consultanted more than 251 university’s world wide and doing online placement for various hospitality and aviation sector a franchise to consultation guru based in Delhi and Patila since two years. She advised women should come from her home and should learn from her failures, which is her first ladder to success. Always lead your life in disciplined manner, which helps to work on right track and time. She also in favour of family support is important. She said VIA should create a platform to encourage ladies.

Earlier, Akash Agrawal, Chairman of Entrepreneurship Forum made opening remarks and briefed about the activities of Entrepreneurship forum and Marketing Forum and appealed to all the women entrepreneurs to attend the program in large number. Shilpa Agrawal, Chairperson – Marketing Forum conducted the proceedings. Suhas Buddhe, Hon. Secretary – VIA welcomed Shachi Mallick and  Sanya Mulani &  Akash Agrawal welcomed Nancy Bhatia Jaiswal, Rishita Agrawal Meenakshi Sial with floral bouquet also proposed a vote of thanks.

Poster 20.02.2017 Revised

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